Self Employed Mortgages

Are you self employed? We can help!

These mortgage programs are used for Self Employed individuals who cannot provide proof of income through Income Tax documentation and who are not salaried employees.  

What do lenders/ banks consider to be self employment and not salaried?

  • Taxes are not deducted at source when you receive pay
  • You pay taxes at the end of the year after filing your income tax
  • You have a registered business through a business license or articles of incorporation
  • Registered GST License

Your Mortgage Broker will place your mortgage with the best lender that will CLOSE your mortgage!  We have various AAA lenders who cater to Self Employed Individuals with standard income documentation.  We also have non-traditional lenders and Private Lenders that will work with us to close your mortgage with ease!

Today’s Government Rules are progressively making it more difficult for individuals to qualify for a mortgage.  So it is more important now than ever that you work with the Right Mortgage Broker to discuss your various options and help close your transaction without any problems!  

We negotiate the best mortgage product and lowest rates for you

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