Investment Property/Rentals 

Looking to invest?

There are many individuals who are interested in buying multiple properties but do not know where or how?  Whether you are interested in purchasing a single family residence, or a 4 plex. The rules will be different for each.  Also, the more property you have, the harder it is to qualify for a Mortgage.  

What clients don’t realize, is the rules are different with every lender on how they calculate rental income and expenses on investment properties.  By using a Mortgage Broker, you will have access to all the lenders and their rental policies. And based on your Mortgage application, your Mortgage Broker will know which institution to place your mortgage for the best chance of approval and closing!

Some need to know tips:

  • You can purchase an investment property with a minimum of 20% downpayment
  • For all A lenders/ banks, downpayment on rentals must be from own resources
  • Standard income confirmation must be used to qualify for traditional A mortgage lenders/banks/credit unions
  • Other Alternative Lenders & Private Lenders are also available for any situations that are not conforming to standard AAA bank rules

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