Home Equity Line Of Credit


The Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a secured line of credit on your property.  The interest rate that Lending Superstore Inc is able to shop for is always much better than unsecured lines of credit.  The maximum loan amounts for all secured lines of credit are 65% of the value of your property. The equity in your home can be released to be used for any purpose.  You can use your line of credit to plan your investments, or simply to consolidate any debt under one low interest rate.

Your line of credit is a very convenient way to access funds at your finger tips!  It is attached to a chequing account which is simple to use. You can access funds through direct payment purchases using your debit card, by writing cheques, or through cash withdrawals. You will receive monthly statements, allowing easy management of your finances. Your account can also be linked to the telephone banking service, ensuring your account information is always only a phone call away.


  • Your are able to access funds as much as 65% of the market value of your home
  • You can use some or all of your available line of credit at your convenience
  • We have line of credit products where your credit limit increases as you pay down the principal of your 1st mortgage
  • You don’t have to keep applying for a larger limit as it is automatically done for you as your 1st mortgage is paid down
  • Flexible repayment options — you can make minimum payments of interest only, or you can pay as much as you want, there is no maximum limit to pay down 
  • Your line of credit has no expiry date — it's yours as long as you need it
  • Our lenders will offer the best line of credit rates that are better than the bank!

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